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    equip kids for success.

    Help us continue putting sports equipment in the hands of those less fortunate by donating your used sports equipment.

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    Want To Receive Sports Equipment?

    Our program allows organizations to save thousands of dollars on equipment costs, thus allowing them to lower registration fees and get more kids involved in the game.

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    Help Us Solve The Problem

    By donating equipment, volunteering with us or making a financial contribution to our mission, we can continue putting more kids on the playing field!

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    Help Us Grow!

    In order to continue growing and putting more and more kids on the playing field, we rely on the community to help us raise the funds we need!

equip kids for success.

Help us continue putting sports equipment in the hands of those less fortunate by donating your used sports equipment.


Leveling the Playing Field gives underprivileged children the opportunity to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of youth sports participation. We do this through the donation of used and excess sporting equipment to programs and schools serving low-income communities. Our donations allow programs to allocate funds saved by lowering registration fees, expanding their scholarship programs, enhancing their existing athletic program and/or developing new ones.


Through our sport equipment donations, we are able to maximize the benefits of participating in sports by allowing athletic programs to utilize their sports equipment funds elsewhere within their organization. The LPF recipients allocate the funds saved by lowering registration fees, expanding their scholarship programs, enhancing their existing athletic programs and/or developing new ones.


In just 5 years we have donated over $2M worth of sporting equipment to 400+ programs. Our success has been accelerated by the strong partnerships we have developed with equipment donors throughout the DMV.

Helping Keep Kids In The Game Since 2011

Our Success

In evaluating our program, we found the bottom line benefit that LPF brings to youth sports organizations is allowing them to reallocate equipments funds towards lowering registration fees, which enables many more youngsters to participate. Over 75% of our beneficiaries report that they have been able to allot funds saved towards other aspects of their program. 90% of our beneficiaries report that they have been able to expand the availability of their program as a result of our donations.

These programs maximize the value of LPF’s support in a myriad of ways. Some use it to offer additional after-school transportation for kids who otherwise might not be able to find their way to an afternoon activity. Others are able to purchase snacks and beverages for their kids. And a number of them use it to hire and train more staff in order to run additional programs and provide more personalized coaching and supervision.











Note From The Program Manager

During my time working as an equipment manager with the Syracuse University football team, along with my summers spent with the Washington Redskins & Montgomery County Recreation, I observed a multitude of sporting equipment going to waste. This is a real shame given the lack of equipment in various underprivileged communities across the world. I started this organization to make sure that there is a process in place to funnel this equipment to children that desperately need it.

Sports were always an extremely important part of my life growing up. The prospect of participating in any sport that I desired was a given. All I needed to do was go to the local Sports Authority and purchase the equipment I needed. For a growing population of children across the country, that is certainly not the case. This fact is what motivates me every day.

I am passionate about giving children the opportunity to enjoy athletic participation because it was so important for me. I am committed to providing kids with the athletic equipment they need to experience the joy and benefits of playing sports. With our network of generous donors we are excited to continue growing and ensuring that every kid has the opportunity to participate in youth sports.


Kaitlin Brennan

The Baltimore Team

Kaitlin Brennan

Program Manager

LPF Baltimore Board Members

  • Jared Geary

    Plano-Coudon, LLC
  • Jeff Krawczak

    T. Rowe Price
  • Manya Makoski

    University of Maryland Women's Soccer
  • Bobby Puppione

    FC Virginia

Places We Have Donated To

Help Us Grow

With your help we can continue equipping kids for success!


With sports equipment flowing into our warehouse every single day, we rely heavily on local volunteers to ensure that our equipment is properly inventoried and sorted. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out our contact form!

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Sports Equipment

In order to continue putting sporting equipment in the hands of those who are less fortunate we rely heavily on individual donors. So take this as an opportunity to clean out your garage and yard so that you can donate excess sporting equipment to our cause.

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Organize a Drive!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Projects, School-Wide Collections, Volunteer Projects and so much more! Organizing an equipment drive with us is as easy as pie. For information on collecting with us:

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Need Equipment?

If you are offering youth sports to children facing poverty and struggle to afford the sports equipment that you need for them, you have come to the right place. To request a grant for athletic equipment please visit our grant page.

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Check out what we have been up to!

Greetings everyone, This past week, as part of a partnership with the Washington Capitals, we began to distribute hockey equipment to kids in need. first string of events with the Capitals. Over the last weekend we distributed hockey equipment to Maryland Blind Hockey & Dreams for Kids.  Hockey is an...

Hi LPF followers! Happy 2016! I wanted to start with a quick look back at 2016 before we move forward. Since LPF's inception, we have donated over a million dollars worth of equipment. A little under half of that was in 2015 alone.

  • “The donation has been very successful! The sport activities are the catch and the main motivator for young kids to do their academic work.”

    Ana Schmitz

    Summit Hall Elementary School

  • “The items we received were both greatly appreciated and greatly utilized over the summer by students participating in our programs."

    Lynique Murray

    Maryvale Elementary School

  • “If they don’t have the equipment, which their parents can’t afford, they will be out on the street or playing video games”

    Mariella Coreal

    City Of Rockville Latino Youth Program

  • “With your donation, we are able to offer low cost flag football this season for the first time.”

    Kie McCrae

    Impact Silver Spring

  • “The kids all had their own ball and felt very proud to have ownership over something special to them. You made it happen and by that it put a lot of pride into these kids' hearts.”

    Haifa Krakauer

    Linkages To Learning