Leveling the Playing Field is working to donate used/excess sporting equipment within Ward’s 7 & 8 in Washington D.C.

The child poverty rate in the District of Columbia is over 30% and rising.  According to the Washington Post, one in every three children are living below the poverty line in this city.  At Leveling the Playing Field, we are embarking on a journey to equip as many of these children with their own sporting equipment so that they can champion the many skills that athletics have to offer.

To make a donation to this project, please email info@levelingtheplayingfield.org.  If you are an organization that serves children who do not have their own sporting equipment, please fill out our equipment grant form and email to the above email address.  With everyone’s help, we can equip these children for success!

For more information either call 301-801-0738 or email info@levelingtheplayingfield.org